Saturday, November 19, 2016

Volunteer in Ecuador with Sustainable Roots

A group of biologists, artists and teachers that met in Cosanga, Ecuador in 2005 with a shared vision to empower and educate the local community on sustainable living.

We are a part of the daily life in Cosanga. Offering classes in English and Art to children in the community, helping organize community work days. We are affecting a noticeable change among the young generation in terms of unity, creativity and vision for their future.

We aim to develop a sustainable mindset in the most biologically diverse area on the planet! We look forward to helping support more community driven projects. Our vision for the future includes expansion to Canton Quijos (Quijos County) which is composed of 6 small towns.
We are always looking for more help to fulfill our dreams here in Ecuador - if you would like to become a valuable part of the Sustainable Roots team, check out our Volunteer page!