Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Harbor WildWatch Marine/Environmental Education Internship

Harbor WildWatch's vision is to be a catalyst for environmental education in our community. One way we can accomplish this vision is by training the future environmental educators of the world through our Internship position.

This part-time, unpaid internship provides current or recently graduated students with experience they will need to enter the environmental education field. Interns will have the opportunity to deliver interactive educational workshops in the field, classroom, and professional setting. Individuals who complete the internship experience will gain valuable skills and confidence in educating the public about the Puget Sound marine environment and help spread our message of stewardship.

The ideal candidate is pursuing a degree (or is a recent graduate of) biology/marine science/environmental studies and is passionate about the marine environment. The individual should be skilled in organization, possess strong interpersonal skills, and thrive in a collaborative working environment. This person will works under close supervision of paid Harbor WildWatch staff.

The Intern will provide the public and students with information about the Puget Sound marine environment through unique educational opportunities. This includes outdoor science programs, classroom workshops, junior naturalist training programs, and outreach events. The goal of each HWW intern is to gain professional experience in environmental education and valuable skills that will improve future employment opportunities.

Intern Objectives:
A. Train a minimum of 15 hours per week with HWW staff
B. Increase personal knowledge and understanding of Puget Sound marine environment
C. Learn to deliver clear and concise environmental education messages to a wide audience
D. Complete a culminating project over the course of the internship (may be applied for school credit)

Learning Opportunities:
- Assist in delivering outdoor programs at local docks, beaches & parks
- Assist in delivering classroom workshops in the South Puget Sound
- Learn to conduct/analyze student pre/post tests
- Assist with delivering Youth Naturalist Training Program
- Learn to execute a successful beach monitoring program
- Contribute to volunteer training and development
- Learn to work in a collaborative and dynamic environment
- Learn effective method of inventory management
- Learn basic grant writing techniques
- Learn basic office skills through various administrative projects
- Learn basic marketing strategies, including print/online advertising and social media

 Interested students can find the application at www.harborwildwatch.org/programs/youth-programs/internships/