Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Green Fee Application, Deadline Friday 11/20

I am very pleased to announce the application for this year’s Green Fee. You may not know that the Green Fee was created in 2013 as a way for students to implement a sustainable project on campus. The money comes from the student government fee. Three dollars from every student is set aside for Green Fee projects.

To increase applications for this year, I’m reaching out to relevant departments whose students may have an interest in sustainable projects on campus.

Attached is the application; please distribute it to anyone interested.
Send Applications to asupsdsi@pugetsound.edu or submit a project though the sustainability tab of the ASUPS [asups.pugetsound.edu] website.

Brief summery of logistics:
Up to $10,000 to finance a sustainability project on campus (or several smaller projects!)
Application deadline: Nov 20th at 5pm
Applications reviewed by ASUPS Director of Student Interests, other students, and administrators
Application also available online or by emailing asupsdsi@pugetsound.edu

Austin Brittenham