Monday, September 15, 2014

UPS Undergraduate Philosophy Conference!

The Puget Sound Undergraduate Philosophy Conference is taking place on campus tomorrow Thursday 9/18 and Friday 9/19 thanks to the effort of a lot of students!

The keynote address for the conference “Moments of a Life: Some Similarities Between Life and Literature” will be delivered by Professor Marya Schechtman from the University of Illinois at Chicago at 5:30pm on Friday 9/19 in the Tahoma Room, Commencement Hall.  There will be a small reception with Marya Schechtman in the Northwest Lounge immediately following her talk.  You can read more about the keynote address and the conference here:

Students from various other schools will be coming to campus to present their papers and receive commentary from University of Puget Sound students.  The talks will be taking place on throughout the day on Thursday and Friday in Trimble Forum.  I am pasting the full schedule below but you can also find it on the conference website :

Notice that there are talks in many areas of philosophy, including ethics, epistemology, political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of religion, and more.