Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Match Corps--Teach in Boston and Chicago

Dear Professor O'Neil,

 I’d like to thank you again for sharing the Match Corps opportunity with the students and faculty in your department last year. We truly appreciate you taking the time to spread the word about the Match Corps and Match Teacher Residency post-graduate service programs.

 As a reminder, candidates for the Match Corps or Teacher Residency programs usually fall into one of these categories of students who want to:
 1) Be highly effective educators in urban schools
 2) Volunteer for a year before grad school, law school, or medical school
 3) Get involved in education reform or public policy
 4) Transition into a career in the non-profit or education sector

We’ve already begun recruiting for our 2014-2015 Boston cohort, and I hope that you’ll consider helping us out again this year. Could you please take the time to forward the information below to your students? I’d also like to follow up with you about other ways we might be able to best reach your students. If you’d be kind enough to help, we’d be really grateful!

All the best, Trish Borrell

 a) Want to be a highly effective educator in urban schools?
 b) Want to volunteer for a year before grad school, law school, or medical school?
 c) Want to get involved in education reform or public policy?
 d) Want to transition into a career in the non-profit or education sector?

 If so, consider committing a year to the Match Corps, a one-year urban education service fellowship.

Corps members serve full-time in one of our charter schools in Boston, tutoring and mentoring a small caseload of students. We also offer the Match Teacher Residency, so that in addition to tutoring full-time, Corps members can train and earn certification to become full-time teachers in other high-need urban schools.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year on a rolling basis (while spots last). To learn more about Match Corps: Boston and MTR and/or to apply, visit http:://matcheducation.org/applymc

 Last year Match Corps partnered with the University of Chicago to bring the Match Corps tutoring model to twelve traditional public high schools in Chicago.

We will be accepting applications for our Chicago location later this year. Please e-mail recruiting@matcheducation.org if you want to be notified when the application becomes available.

 We recruit from all majors; candidates do not need to have a background in education.

We seek candidates with strong content backgrounds – math, science, English, history, etc, and those who share our passion for social justice and education reform.

All of the details about our programs can be found here: http://www.matcheducation.org/apply

 If you have any questions or clarification, please e-mail me, Trish Borrell, at recruiting@matcheducation.org 

-- Patricia Borrell Match Education Recruitment

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