Wednesday, September 04, 2013

CFR Conference Call - U.S. Immigration Reform

On behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), I invite you to participate in the first session of the Fall 2013 CFR Academic Conference Call series on Wednesday, September 11, from 9:00 to 10:00 AM in Wyatt 326. Edward Alden, CFR's Bernard L. Schwartz senior fellow, will discuss U.S. immigration reform.

Mr. Alden is coauthor of the recent CFR report "Managing Illegal Immigration to the United States: How Effective Is Enforcement?" Prior to joining CFR, he was the Washington bureau chief for the "Financial Times." At CFR, Mr. Alden's work focuses on immigration and visa policy, and U.S. trade and international economic policy. He is the director of the CFR "Renewing America" publication series and also served as the codirector of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on "U.S. Trade and Investment Policy." Mr. Alden is the author of the book "The Closing of the American Border: Terrorism, Immigration, and Security Since 9/11," and frequently appears on television and radio as an analyst on political and economic issues.

As background for the discussion, you may wish to review the following materials:

1) Edward Alden, Bryan Roberts, and John Whitley, "Managing Illegal Immigration to the United States: How Effective Is Enforcement?," Council on Foreign Relations Press, May 2013.
2) Brianna Lee, "The U.S. Immigration Debate," Backgrounder,, April 19, 2013.
3) "Immigration," Renewing America, Blog, Council on Foreign Relations.

Please RSVP to Professor Seth Weinberger at if you would like to attend.

Hope to see you there…

Seth Weinberger