Monday, March 23, 2009

Waiting for Obama--our alums included

From the Washington Times (Hat tip: Ryan Dumm '07), an article about young Obamites cooling their heels in DC hoping to get a job around the new administration. Among those mentioned in Chris Pohlad '07:

Yet trying to find work in the Obama administration has been a difficult way for his loyalists to follow that dream. Many Obama enthusiasts have come to the capital hoping to help the president and, after months of trying, have wound up frustrated.

Chris Pohlad, 24, was the director of campaign operations in Minnesota for the Obama campaign for five months last year. He now spends most days writing e-mails and having lunches with former colleagues. He's hoping to find a gig in the Obama administration with either the State or Energy Department.

"It's been a little bit of a grind trying to find a job," Mr. Pohlad said. "It's really just a waiting game, and everybody's doing the same thing."

Here's a bit of video from their interview--Chris is about 45 seconds in.

Hang tight, Chris--